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SEOTUNERS is a Bavarian SEO Company that provides quality Search Engine Optimization or SEO service. Our SEO services help your company’s website get higher up in the search engines, meaning that your potential clients can find you. We provide several types of search engine optimization services, which are able to suit different types of business…


Website promotion is a complex and time-consuming process, so hiring a professional SEO company is an advisable solution. It is difficult for a company to take all the advantages of almost top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. With the development and competition of internet marketing, you need a professional SEO company who…

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Our Work

Our Strategy

Vacancies: FULL-TIME SEO Analyst/Project Manager.
Experience: 2 to 3 years
Education Minimum: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

Basic Skills:
– SEO strategy, keyword research, keyword mapping, sound writing skills, content optimization, ability to implement on-page SEO elements. Ability to manage the client’s expectations, and develop a strategic SEO plan.
– Good knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Main Responsibilities include:
• Keyword Research
• Competitor Research
• Onsite Optimization
• Implementing Onsite Optimization into Website CMS
• Content Writing for Website Pages, Blog Posts, Link Articles, etc.
• SEO Copy Editing
• Google Analytics Review
• Google Webmaster Central Review
• HTML/XML Sitemaps Review/Maintenance
• Ranking and Traffic Reports every other week
• PPC Management Experience is an added plus
• HTML/CSS/PHP/ASP Knowledge is a plus

Additional Responsibilities:
• Regular client communication
• Content writing (if applicable)
• Growing SEO knowledge through proactive learning

Please send resume to: